Valiko set ups available in 8, 10 and 12 mag configuration, .250 and .300 long in cans with a inside diameter of 15 or 15.6 mm. Pictures are of a 10 mag and 12 mag setup without bearings fitted. Prices from £140 ( bearings extra )


Armature winds available ( .250 and .300 )

19t25, 20t25, 22t25, 23t25, 24t25, 25t25

20t25.5, 23t25.5

22t26, 24t26, 26t26

35t27, 38t27, 40t27 ( these are on a new blank designed especially for F1 )

40t28, 44t28, 48t28



Prices from £45 ( depending on the Euro/£ exchange rate at time of purchase from Valiko )

Any armature can have the shaft ground to 1.5mm at an extra cost of £5.


Gears. 80 pitch 43 or 44t. Very strong material. £4.25 each.


Please enquire as to stock situation and prices before ordering any Valiko products. I try to keep stock at all times but this is not always possible.