3rd Eye

Predator 2 – High End Linear controller. My own choice for a controller. £395.00

Predator 2 - 3000MP

Now with even more Features and Refinements
Printed Circuit Board - Handle and Power Box, Kelly - Handle and Trigger,
Higher Power Output, larger Heat Sink, Better Cooling, Many Available Options Exclusive 3rd Eye - Fully Electronic Linear Circuit Design (Patent Pending)

Featuring uniquely designed “Hyperdrive” Motor Drive “Mosfet Powered” Braking and “Mistake Proof” reverse polarity and overload protection Co Developed with Third Eye and Approved by “World Champion” Paul Gawronski

“Hyperdrive” high gain/high power/low voltage drop Motor Driver circuit.
“Mosfet Powered” Braking (stops the car on a dime and gives 9 cents change);
stops car even after track power goes off.
“Mistake Proof” reverse polarity protection, No fuses to replace.
Excellent Throttle Response optimized for all cars and driving types.
“Continuously variable throttle control” (no steps) 150 bands).
Smooth trigger action with “No Deadband” from Brake/Throttle (reduces track times).
Light weight Handle with easy to use controls located at the top.
Infinitely adjustable Brake and Sensitivity controls (0-Max).
High intensity Blue Power LED Indicator (Illuminated Logo) located in the handle.
BI color LED Indicates Brake and Throttle Level.
Built-in “Clicker” (Absolute maximum power to the motor at full throttle).
Mounting Bracket allows ease of hook-up and maximum cooling.
12” Long 12 gauge highly flexible power leads.
Unique “0 ClearanceTrigger Bushing Design” (adjusted during assembly
“Select switch” allowing a very wide Sensitivity range Option/Add on available.
“Mush” Button for Wing car usage (rolling through glue) Option/Add on available.
“Track Volt Meter” Option/Add on available.
“Dual cooling Fans” Option/Add on available.
“Fully Electronic Choke” Option/Add On Available.
“Manual Choke” (Standard 2ft lengths or selected Lengths) Option/Add on available.
Track proven by “Paul Gawronski” for FASTER lap times.

Introducing 3rd Eye’s new “next generation” “Heavy Duty Professional” Motor Analyzer-3000HD With Automatic (limited duty cycle) Short Circuit/Overload Shutdown Protection

High output current capacity from 0 to a full 14A Max (with de-rating).
Tightly regulated output voltage – No drift output with an adjustment range from .7V–12V.
Short circuit/overload protection – Unit automatically shuts off if the out put leads are shorted.
No Fuses to replace – Shutdown/Overload feature eliminates the need for a fuse.
Display indicates “1” during output overload shutdown (after continuously shorted output).
Output automatically recycles after current overload/short shutdown.
Separate On/Off switch allows presetting the output voltage for repeatable use (cutting tires).
Replaceable power plug - 1ft long standard output leads and small color coded output clips.
3.5mm (1/8”) Power Jack - Power plugs with different lead configurations can be used.
Small practical enclosure size 3x4x6 (fits in most slot boxes).
1% accurate metering with switch selectable Volts and Amps.
Large .6” high LCD Meter display.
“Real” power supply design technology – “closed loop error amp” with “active current limiting”.
Conservative thermal management design for maximum reliability -
High velocity cross airflow. design keeps all parts cool along with ample heat sinking of components.
Attractive/Professional styling.
Safety 3 prong chassis grounded 4 ft power cord.

Price £175 (available for 110V supply only)